Juvenille Members

We welcome younger members into the club, this is the future of the club after all!

 If you are under 18 yrs of age however, you must be be accompanied by a guardian/parent who must also join our club and participate in every spin with their minor.

That parent /  guardian must also apply to join cycling Ireland and MBCC.

If your considering joining you need to discuss this with your guardian/parent before hand. You can pay for your club membership and Cycling Ireland membership but still not be approved  by MBCC without your parent/guardian application. 

They don’t have to participate in the club activities, but must remain present on all club spins .

We have a great community of guardians/parents, who meet regularly and enjoy following us around on the safety of the forest fire roads on bikes or walking. Some decide to wait in their cars at the car parks.  

All of our spins are organised through the club What’s app spins group .

As part of  our child welfare programme, Only guardians/ parents are permitted on this and will relay the spins information to their minor. 

Our younger members are permitted onto the club forum, where we disuss the spins, technique’s and all thing related to bikes. This is a safe space which can be  moderated unlike Whatsapp. 

Only proceed with your application if both the parent/guardian agree to join the club together at the same time. 


This is line with our youth safe guarding policy