Welcome to the MBCC bike week introduction. " Ride the Thrill"

📆 Sat, 18th May
📍 Tracton Woods
⏰ 2.30pm


We are looking forward to participating in the event and showcasing some elements of our niche sport.

We hope to do a quick chat about bike types and the different disciplines, equipment checks such as your helmet and good trail etiquette.
Following on from this we will do a group coaching session introducing some aspects of body positioning on the bike and how it would apply to the trail.
Once some basics are covered, we will hit the trails and put some of this coaching into practice.
Hopefully then, we will wrap up with a Q&A session .

We are going to set the minimum age for this at 14.( Parents not participating, must remain on site )
The maximum number of participants will be 15.
The requirements for participating will be the following :

  • A mountain bike in good working order
  • A suitable bike helmet
  • Gloves and eye protection (highly recommended)
  • Clothes suitable for biking including a waterproof jacket
  • Any food and drink you’ll need to keep the energy levels up

The event will be held in Tracton woods south of Carrigaline. (details to follow)

Please complete the registration form to secure you place on the event.


You can contact the crew on the email if you have any questions.


We look forward to the shred on the trails!!