Welcome to MBCC sign-up page for existing club members, returning club members and those riders who have previous experience on the trails and a capable skill set.

For membership, follow the instructions below

You’re very welcome to sign up today via Cycling Ireland on the link below.


This will give you access to the different MBCC whats app groups as well as the club BAND app
From here you’ll get a vibe of the club.

To join us you would need both MBCC club and Cycling Ireland memberships:
•The club membership is €30 for over18’s (for the full year)
 All memberships are valid from January 01 to December 31.

 If you intend on cycling with the club, there are only 2 memberships to choose from
>Leisure Membership or Limited Competition
(Student options also)

More info here.


 If you choose Leisure, it now includes the Personal Accident Add-on .
Leisure membership is a non-competitive membership and does not extend to competing.

*Limited Competition*
 A Limited Competition (LC) licence allows you to compete in all domestic competitions, inc. club leagues – except open road races.

 If you will *NOT* be cycling and there to support your minor in the car park, then choose Supporter. “Cycling supporter membership is a ‘non-riding’ membership and public liability cover does not extend to training or competing. It will provide club officials/volunteers with professional indemnity cover”
 Members purchasing supporter without prior contact via email will be refused entry to MBCC. Simple. You can chase CI for your refund.


Please Note: Access to the WhatsApp membership group is restricted to members that are aged 18 and over. Juvenile members should provide a parent/guardian number for access to the WhatsApp group.

We will NOT accept club membership without a Cycling Ireland Membership for liability reasons.

We have discounted all memberships by €10 to facilitate this.

To Sign up follow these simple steps:
1. Log in to Cycling Ireland –
2. Select MBCC as your club
3. Choose your license (leisure or competitive)
4. Select club membership option
5. You will be approved ASAP

Click on the Cycling Ireland* to progress to the their membership portal as well as ours.

*this will open a new window to the cyclingireland/mbcc website