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Under 18’S
Under 18’s are very welcome in our club.

They must join with a parent or guardian.

The parent/guardian. must also join Cycling Ireland and MBCC as well as the minor.

This is line with or safeguarding policy.

  1. Please don’t Join and pay your membership fee without your Parent/Guardian doing so also.
  2. Your application will NOT be approved.
  3. Cycling Ireland may return your fee after 5 working days .
  4. MBCC may contact your Parent/Guardian and ask you not to join.
  5. A new application with your guardian will take longer to approve.
  6. It costs the club time and money to refuse your application.
  • If a parent/Gaurdian doesn’t want to join with the members for social spins or in the woods, they may join as a supporter on the Cycling Ireland site.
  • They need to join MBCC as an adult member.
  • They must remain close by at all times in the car park in the event of an emergency

If you have any questions about how to proceed – PLEASE ask before proceeding.


Drop us an email here